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Aplication Systems

Types of Systems

Standard System

Consists in the application of tables or sleeves (Mini Rope), by ways of lines, 2 metres deep, inside the cereal or sub products mass.
This system is, actually, the most used and inexpensive worldwide. The gas (phosphine), once liberated, distributes itself inside the space between the grains, descending inside the vessel’s hold by way of small air currents that exist, a result of the temperature difference between the upper and lower part of said hold.
This distribution is slow and not completely uniform. Furthermore, where flour and pellets are concerned, it’s almost impossible for the gas to reach the lower part of the hold, not assuring 100% effectiveness if the cargo is infested.

Recirculation (J-SYSTEM)

This system consists of perforated plastic tubes, positioned inside the hold and reaching it’s floor before the grain is loaded. Once the grain is loaded, the Aluminum Phosphate or Magnesium tablets or sleeves are placed on the surface of the grain together with a recirculation equipment specially designed to absorb the liberated gas, and injecting it into the cargo through the tubes, resulting in a uniform distribution inside the hold.
This is a more costly, but completely effective, system, given that the insect/egg is exposed to the high concentrations of uniformly distributed gas for a longer period of time inside the hold.


This system consists in the application of Aluminum Phosphorus (Phostoxin®) contained in special sleeves that are placed in the surface of the grain and/or introduced inside the grain’s mass.
Its main advantage is that it doesn’t leave any type of residue in the fumigated cargo, since they are removed once the ship arrives at the unloading port. This system is mostly asked for specific cargoes, such as bulk rice, packaged products required by the client or destination port.
Mini-Rope® is a registered brand from FUGRAN, and produced by DEGESCH CHILE Ltda. exclusively for FUGRAN.