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I.M.O. Recommendations

For in-transit fumigations

The I.M.O. (International Maritime Organization) has written a guide of ‘Recommendations for the Safe Use of Pesticides in Vessels’, for the competent authorities, crew members, fumigators and pesticide manufacturers.
These suggestions have the object of preventing accidents during in-transit fumigations and is a reference material whenever accidents with vessels occur.
It is the fumigating company’s obligation to provide the Captain of the vessel with the necessary safety kit for in-transit fumigations. This kit consists of 4 masks, with the corresponding phosphine filters, sealing tape, phosphine detection tubes and pumps and an instruction manual.
Also, the Captain or First Officer and crew should receive instructions regarding the use of the equipment and the corresponding documents to sign. A copy of said signed documentation should be archived at FUGRAN in case it is requested by the client of maritime authorities.

Security kit:

  • 4 phosphine filters.
  • 4 panoramic gas masks.
  • Sealing tape.
  • Low detection tubes.
  • Instructions manual.
  • Measuring pump.