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International Maritime Fumigation Organisation

The I.M.F.O. Group (International Maritime Fumigation Organization) is a worldwide group of independent in-transit fumigation companies. It’s made up of more than 20 company members throughout the world.
FUGRAN Comercial e Industrial S.A. is a member of the Group
Through its members and joint agreements with companies associated to the group, the I.M.F.O. group offers its services in the following countries:


Argentina - Brazil - Canada - United States


Denmark - France - Italy - Slovenia - Spain - Portugal - United Kingdom - Ukraine


Mozambique - South Africa - Libya - Tunisia - Morocco - Egypt - Algeria - Ivory Coast


New Zealand - Australia


India - Vietnam - Iran - Iraq - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey - Jordania - Yemen - China

Port-to-Port Service

This service consists of fumigation done by a company member of I.M.F.O. according to the client’s specifications. A group representative will oversee the unloading of the vessel, supervising degassing operations in holds, removal of Mini-ropes, etc.

Full-Warranty Service

This service consists in the fumigation by a member of I.M.F.O. with the J-System (Recirculation) and a dosage of 45gr / 1000 cubic feet.
Este servicio consiste en la fumigación por parte de la compañía miembro de I.M.F.O. con Sistema J-System (Recirculación) y dosis 45gr / 1000 pies cúbicos.
At destination port, the vessel will be received by a member of I.M.F.O. who will supervise degassing of holds, removal of Mini-ropes, etc. In case of rejections, the I.M.F.O. company will run with the costs of re-fumigation in destination and delay during the first 24hs of said events.