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Degesch Phosphine Generator

In our search for quality in the storage of merchandise, at FUGRAN Comercial e Industrial S.A. we have developed new technologies and optimized different fumigation methods, in our effort to give the grain, a primary product, an extra value to distinguish it from other commodities: Sanitary conditions.
To achieve that, we work with a gas, Phosphine, generated from the hydrolysis of metal phosphides (aluminum or magnesium) components of our exclusive products, Phostoxin®, Magtoxin® and Degesch Plates®
Phosphine is an ideal gas, as it controls all insectile stages, even the most resistant ones, it spreads quickly throughout the grainy mass and, once ventilated, leaves no toxic residue in the treated goods. Phosphine released to the atmosphere becomes phosphoric acid by ways of sunlight, and thus, has no adverse effects on the ecosystem.
With the knowledge of these benefits, we offer a service of excellence by means of the Degesch Phosphine Generator, a revolutionary method of instant generation of Phosphine. The gas is produced from magnesium phosphate specially formulated by an electronically controlled process.
When you put together the Degesch Phosphine Generator and an optimized fumigation method, you obtain the following advantages: