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Phosphine Gas Generator

Insect, Weevil and Rat poison


A solid fumigant, Phosphine gas generator, presented in pill form, large pills and tablets, composed of Aluminum Phosphate 60%, plus a balanced mix of ammonium carbamate and paraffin, which allows for a safe and efficient release of Phosphine.

How it works:

Once the package is open and the product is exposed to environmental temperature and humidity, a protective gas with an irritable odor is initially released (ammonium + carbon dioxide) and then high purity degree Phosphine (PH3). This release is completed within 48-96 hours of exposure, according to the environmental temperature and humidity. In regular conditions (20ºC and 60% humidity) Phostoxin® releases 40% of phosphine in 24 hours and 75% in 48 hours. The higher the temperature and humidity, the faster the release of gas. With less than 5ºC, fumigation should not be carried out.
Phosphine acts by suffocating the insects, affecting their metabolic and enzymatic processes in their breathing systems. The minimum concentration required for a complete mortality rate on all stages of the insects is of 150 ppm during 5 days of exposure with a temperature over 20ºC. Dosage is variable according to storage situations, or the type of insect that is being treated. As a general rule, read the package label carefully or consult with our technical department.

Areas of Application:

Bulk products: cereals (wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, sorghum, rice) legumes (peanuts, lentils, peas, etc.), oilseeds (soy, sunflower, etc.), seeds, malt, raw cocoa, pellets, wood, cotton fibers, etc.
Bagged products: flour, grits or semolina, dried fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices, chocolate, nuts, cocoa, coffee, pastas, tobacco in bundles and other manufactured products, can be treated with Phostoxin® as long as the packages are permeable to gas. It can be applied in airtight deposits or underneath gas-proof plastic canvas (100 microns minimum). In these cases the product should not come into contact with the merchandise.


The controlled release of phosphine, a specific task of the ammonium carbamate, allows Phostoxin® to offer extraordinary levels of safety during its application.
Its eco friendly; the fumigant as well as its residue decompose in substances that don’t harm the environment. Phosphine gas is highly active, a bit heavier than air (density=1,20) and it quickly mixed with it due to its great spreading power. Pure phosphine is water and oil insoluble and doesn’t react chemically with the components in the treated goods. Thus, Phostoxin® doesn’t affect fumigated products, their chemical and organoleptic properties, germinating power, etc. remaining unaltered. Keep protected against the erosive exposure of Hydrogen Phosphide those materials that contain soft metals such as copper, silver and gold.