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Insect, Weevil and Rat poison


Containing a balanced mix of Aluminum Phosphine, with inerts and contributors. Each 1000 grams sleeve contains 600 grams of alumminum phosphine and releases 333 grams of phosphine.

Modes of use:

Alumminun phosphide is contained in 1 kilogram cloth sleeves, packed in metal drums hermetically sealed, containing 10 sleeves. Trained personnel place them inside the grains’ mass by way of an applying probe, similar to the one used for the application of tablets.
Once in contact with environmental humidity it releases phosphine, with the resulting dust remaining inside the sleeves. The maximum tightness of the place to be fumigated must be is of utmost importance, preventing filtrations to neighbour rooms. Close down all openings and cover up the cracks with adhesive/gummed paper. If the merchandise is already stowed, it has to be covered with a gas-proof tarpaulin or cloth.

Areas of Application:

It controls all developing stages of insects (egg, larvae, nymph, pupa and adult) which attack bulk or bagged merchandise (cereals, flour, dried fruits, food pasta, etc.) stored in silos, cells, warehouses, or those stacked under gas-proof tarpaulin. It also controls mite and rodents. It doesn’t leave behind residues or affect germination.


Very toxic for fish and extremely toxic for birds and bees. Since its use is confined to sealed spaces, it is not a risk for the environment, if recommendation uses are followed.
Avoid its inhalation, contact with the skin and contamination of food. No smoking, eating or drinking during its application. Use gloves, and have a panoramic mask close by, with a special phosphine filter. During the treatment, all neighbour spaces must be shut down, and entry to them must be allowed only after exposition and ventilation times have concluded, and the concentration is below the 0.1 for pumps and low detection tubes. Do not enter treated areas without mask protection and suitable filters. Use the can contents only once. Open packages outdoors.