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MAGTOXIN® Magnesium Phosphide

Phosphine Gas Generator

Insect, Weevil and Rat poison


Magtoxin®: solid fumigant composed of 66% of magnesium phosphide, plus ammonium carbamate and paraffin as inert.
Exposed to humidity and environmental temperature, they react releasing phosphine. This release is gradual for Magtoxin® (for 24 hours, with 20ºC and 60% humidity, it releases 75% of the phosphine).
The phosphine generated from magnesium phosphide, acts on insects in the same way than the one generated by aluminum phosphide, affecting important metabolic processes. The quick release of the gas makes it effective concerning plagues in stored goods on all stages of their development, including fruit flies and other quarantine plagues.

Areas of Application:

Magtoxin® has the same fields of application as Phostoxin®, enabling a quicker release of Phosphine.


Magtoxin® and Degesch® Plates don’t alter the organoleptic properties (color, flavor, aroma, etc.) of fumigated goods.
They don’t affect the ozone layer.