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FUVOS® & FUVOS® PLUS - Weevil poison with high dump power

Emulsifiable concentrate


FUVOS® is an insect - weevil poison, a concentrated emulsion, containing 100% DDVP (diclorvos). Due to its high pressure vapors it’s highly volatile, which makes it a high dump power and low residual action product.
FUVOS® Plus is an insect, weevil and mite poison, containing a balanced mix of DDVP and deltamethrin (pyrethroid), which guarantees that organophosphates resistant insects are controlled.

How it works:

FUVOS® and FUVOS® Plus act on inscects by way of ingestion, contact and inhalation. They inhibit the acetylcholynesterase enzyme.
They have penetrating power and depth effect. The combination with deltamethrin broadens FUVOS® Plus action spectrum, efficiently controlling resistant insects like the ‘taladrillo’ (Rhyzopertha dominica).
Both have high dump power and low residual action. They are applied over grains or in the facilities with concentrations varying between 1 and 2%.

Areas of Application:

FUVOS® and FUVOS® Plus can both be applied directly on stored grains, without affecting its germinating power or passing on strange odors or flavors to the merchandise.
They can also be used for external treatments in facilities such as warehouses, silos, elevators, mills, empty holds, trucks, train coaches, etc


These products are highly toxic for bees, fish and birds, so all necessary precautions must be taken in order to keep them safe.
During its preparation and application, protection elements against organophosphates must be used.
FUVOS® and FUVOS® Plus are manufactured with very pure raw materials, abiding Good Manufacturing Practices and a strict quality control, which guarantees its effectiveness.
They possess a residual power of no more than 30 days, controlling those insects present during the entry and exit of the grains to and from the storage facility.