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FUMETRINA® Weevil poison with high power residual action

Emulsifiable concentrate

Insect poison - Weevil poison


FUMETRINA® is an insect and weevil poison, an emulsifiable concentrate, containing 20% piperonyle (sinergizer), guaranteeing the control of insects resistant to organophosphates.

How it works:

FUMETRINA® has a ‘Flash out’ or plague ‘eviction’ effect, since its active substance belongs to the group of the Pyrethroids.
With reduced doses it’s possible to control insects which normally attack stored grains and its sub products, including those with high resistance to other insect poisons, such as ‘taladrillo’ (Rhyzopertha dominica), resistant to the organophosphates.

Areas of Application:

FUMETRINA® can be applied in bulk treatments on moving grains, by placing the dosage instrument on the auger elevator, conveyor belts or at the feet of the wheel, without affecting its germinating power or passing on strange odors or flavors to the merchandise.
It can also be used in the treatment of packed/bagged grains, protecting them from external insect infestation.
FUMETRINA® can also be used in the treatment of empty facilities, since it can control insects found in cracks, nooks and grain waste found in warehouses, silos, holds and transportation vehicles (train coaches, trucks, etc.).


This product is highly toxic for bees, fish and birds, so all necessary precautions must be taken in order to keep them safe.
During its preparation and application, protection elements against organophosphates must be used.
FUMETRINA® is manufactured with very pure raw materials, abiding Good Manufacturing Practices and a strict quality control, which guarantees its effectiveness.
It has a prolonged residual action, maintaining its effectiveness for 6 to 12 months, a period which varies according to the increase of the dosage.