Our company

Our Company


Since 1983 we specialize in sanitary safety of stored cereals and its sub products. Advanced techniques and quality products allowed us to reach our main objective: To offer Products and Services of Superior Quality.
Today, we are the leading company in this area in Argentina. We offer the best service to our clients and look forward to keep on growing with them.
Since our beginnings, our priority has been to stand out by way of excellent products and service. In our need to be at the forefront of technological advances, we developed new fumigation techniques and incorporated high performance products.
Two support columns are the backbone of our internal organization: the Service Department and the Technical Commercial Department. This allows us to cover our clients’ needs in their entirety, as we search together for the most convenient solution according to each circumstance.
As part of the Detia Degesch GmbH, we represent them exclusively in Argentina. In turn, we have agreements with world renowned companies and groups in our industry.